How to get Tweet Nest back to work again?

Since Twitter changed their API to the latest version v1.1, my favorite Twitter backup tool Tweet Nest was not working anymore. Thanks to Victor Jacobs there is now a fixed version of Tweet Nest available. Follow the steps below:

  1. Download a fixed version of Tweet Nest (ZIP file) (more Details here)
  2. Before doing anything else on the server: Backup your old database used with Tweet Nest! (just in case something will go wrong)
  3. Move all old files on your server to a „backup“ folder. For example you will need some stuff from your /inc/config.php later
  4. Upload all files of the downloaded and fixed version of Tweet Nest from above.
  5. Point your browser to the setup.php file. If you get any errors, your config.php is probably not writable. Change that via your FTP client. Fill out the needed parameters (have a look at your old config.php for your database data).
  6. Go to and if everything worked correctly Tweet Nest loads all missed tweets since the API has changed.

Here we go. Tweet Nest works again :-)

Get CodeKit & Zurb’s Foundation work together

  1. Find where your gems live by running sudo gem environment in the command line, Then look for the gem paths.
  2. Go into Codekit prefs, click on Sass/Scss
  3. Click on “Use the Sass Executable at this path:” and then navigate to the bin folder at the gem path you found earlier.
  4. Select sass.bin
  5. Move over to the Compass tab and follow the same steps, choosing your local copy from the bin folder in you gem path.
  6. Refresh Codekit and voila!


Step 5 is missing on the Foundation Documentation Page, which was the reason, why my CodeKit App and Foundation did not work together.

Without choosing my local copy of Compass gem, I always got the following error message:

Compass was unable to compile one or more files in the project: LoadError on line 2 of /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/gems/zurb-foundation-3.0.9/lib/ZURB-foundation.rb: no such file to load — foundation/version
Run with —trace to see the full backtrace

Now, everything works! :-)

Client Centric Web Design

Paul Boag’s Podcast Season 3: Client Centric Web Design

This series of posts, accompanying podcast and ebook feel like the most significant I have released in my 6 years of blogging. They are the culmination of 18 years as a web designer and tackle a disturbing trend that has emerged within the web design community. They also represent my personal ‘manifesto’ (yes I know that sounds pretentious) for working as a web designer.

I bought the E-Book and it is fantastic! I can just recommend it to read if you are working as Web Designer.