Stuff in my head: UX is simple

If something is unclear – clarify it
If something is arduous – lighten the load
If something is complex – make it simpler
If something is over verbose – strip it back
If something is ambiguous – clarify it
If something is big – make it feel manageable

If people get lost let them find…

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Responsive web design: a project-management perspective

After you first experiment with Media Queries and find out how easy they are to use, you may start thinking about some of your favourite web sites, and imagine how they would be made responsive. You may suddenly find yourself thinking that everything should be responsive; hell, you would make your family and friends responsive if you could!
But you need to take a step back, and exercise restraint: depending on the context and purpose of a project, it might be better to not go down the responsive route at all, or at least limit it. (…)

Client Centric Web Design

Paul Boag’s Podcast Season 3: Client Centric Web Design

This series of posts, accompanying podcast and ebook feel like the most significant I have released in my 6 years of blogging. They are the culmination of 18 years as a web designer and tackle a disturbing trend that has emerged within the web design community. They also represent my personal ‘manifesto’ (yes I know that sounds pretentious) for working as a web designer.

I bought the E-Book and it is fantastic! I can just recommend it to read if you are working as Web Designer.

Modular front-end development with LESS

I am constantly looking for ways to make my work as a front-end developer easier and more efficient, but it is only recently that I have paid my good friend CSS any real attention. This article will explore the benefit of organizing your code efficiently while keeping it reusable and modular.

Web ≠ Print

Als Webentwickler bekomme ich oft Anfragen von Agenturen oder Firmen, die bereits einen Entwurf haben, der umgesetzt werden soll. Sobald am Telefon oder in der Mail diese magischen Worte “wir haben hier ein Design, das umgesetzt werden…” fallen, läuft es mir kalt über den Rücken. Nicht, weil da draußen keine talentierten Designer sind und sicher auch nicht, weil ich immer unbedingt alles selbst machen muss. Das Problem, was die meisten eben nicht verstehen, ist: Gestaltung für das Web ist nicht gleich Printgestaltung.